Friday, March 18, 2011


by Ingrid Law

Grade: Good
Story: Ledger has a savvy--and it's a bad one.
Sequel to Savvy.

I love the Beaumont family. Every single last one of them. And so even though some of them only had extremely small cameos (like Mibs--I think hers was the smallest (except for Tucker)), I gobbled up every last bit of the parts about them. Like Fish's wedding! And Will and Mibs! And Gyspy! She's going to turn out very interesting indeed, I think. And then Rocket and Samson, of course, had slightly larger roles, which was wonderful.

However, bookshelvesofdoom was right, as she often is, in that this one wasn't quite as good as the first. Ledger simply wasn't as interesting a narrator as Mibs. And although his twin cousins and his little sister and Sarah Jane are awesome and unique, like all the characters in these books, they're not quite as awesome as the Beaumont family. (She does continue the cool naming system. Like Marisol and Mesquite--the twins--and Ledger and Fedora, and Autry and Tucker. They can get pretty weird sometimes, but they're so terribly suitable to the characters that you don't mind.)

But I was fully satisfied and I hope to goodness she writes more books someday.

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