Monday, March 21, 2011

Reader and Raelynx

by Sharon Shinn

Grade: Good
Story: Cammon falls in love.

Kay, not as good as the other ones. Well, maybe better than Thirteenth House. One of the main problems is everybody sleeping together before marriage, which really drives me nuts. Especially when they get married anyway shortly after--I mean, can't you just wait a very short time?
Anyhoo, for mostly those reasons, Justin is still my favourite character. He and Ellynor are the only ones so far who are all of the below:
--wife is very feminine
--will have babies! With an 's'! Lots! (Ok, I mean, I guess this last one isn't definite, but it was definitely hinted at.)

But all the things I said in below reviews of this series about the characters still apply. So I am reluctantly giving it a "Good". Although there is the fact that I read it in one night. That is always an indication of some level of goodness--if only in the "good at writing books which are rather addictive" way.

See the first books: Mystic and RiderThe Thirteenth House, and Dark Moon Defender, and the next book: Fortune and Fate.

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