When I began this blog, I really didn't have any intention of using it for any purpose other than listing all the books I read each year, perhaps with a short two-sentence summary so I could remember whether I liked it or not.
This purpose has since changed. I now actually have other people reading what I write of all things.

WARNING 1: If a review was written earlier than mid-2011, it could be very weird and un-enlightening. I am re-working some of the older reviews, but not all of them are fixed yet.

Related to this is WARNING 2: If a review was written earlier than mid-2011, there could be some blatant spoilers. Again, I was not expecting anyone to actually read it. More recent reviews will have some sort of warning if I talk about spoilers.

I come from a unique perspective in some ways. Namely, I am a practising Catholic, a decided geek/nerd, and someone with rather bad decision making and memory skills. This brings three somewhat related warnings:

WARNING 3: I write from a Catholic perspective, but don't think a book is good and moral and all that just because I liked it (or vice-versa). If I don't like some moral aspect, I tend to ignore it completely unless it sticks out so much that it actually manages to bother me (which can definitely happen). If you wish to know about that sort of thing, though, you can ask in the comments.

WARNING 4: This is pretty obvious, but just because I love a book does not mean it is necessarily well written. I attribute this partly to my geekiness/nerdiness and the fact that really awesome things can sometimes blind me to any defects.

WARNING 5: I change my mind all the time. I can also forget much of what I think about something soon after I've thought it. Thus, don't assume that I think what I've written down. (Especially during the summer of 2008. I think I was very grumpy then. I don't seem to have finished most of the books I read at that time.)