Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mystic and Rider

by Sharon Shinn

Grade: Good
Story: Six companions are travelling about on a mission for the king. They have adventures and are generally awesome.

Well. I liked this loads better than I expected. I really think having six main characters can make all the difference to me.

Anyway. I made a bad mistake. I finished three of these books before I had time to write up on this one. I find it very difficult to write or think about previous books in a series when I've just finished reading the latest one. (Which is why I still haven't properly read the first three books in the Harry Potter series, despite considering myself a major HP fan.)

But a few remembered thoughts about this one:
--The romance wasn't my favourite kind of romance, but I could stand it very well. Probably because of the six main characters thing.
--I decided my favourite of the six was Justin (maybe because of his hair colour? And I love the sort of motherly relationship Senneth has with him. But that's mostly for the later books, except for the part where Tayse was captured (which was sweet--awwwww).). Then Cammon (who's just awesome). Then Kirra. Then Senneth (who grew on me more and more, so that by the last book I quite loved her. I didn't love her in this book.). I don't know why I didn't like Donnal very much. I SHOULD have, because he was awesome too.

... and I don't have any more remembered thoughts. Boy, am I bad at this right now. Hopefully by the time I get to the latest book in this series that I've read, I'll actually have some grasp again on how to write.

See the sequels: The Thirteenth House, Dark Moon Defender, Reader and Raelynx, and Fortune and Fate.

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