Monday, March 28, 2011

The Blue Castle

by L. M. Montgomery

Grade: Good
Story: Valancy is going to die, so she lives life instead of being miserable with her horrid relatives.

Well, I actually really liked this one. There are a few reasons:

--I had been having difficulty with the cover for years. Now that I've read the book, the cover isn't so bad. But it sure was a deterrent at first. The second deterrent was the name Barney, which I really didn't like the first time I tried to read it. Plus, I didn't know the first time that they got married half way through the book. Once I found that out, it made all the difference.

--AND I didn't mind the romance. I've been in a stage of not minding romances, right after Thirteenth House. Maybe I disliked that romance so much that all the rest afterwards seemed really great. Plus, they were married. I do love married couple romances.

Also, BOY her relatives were annoying. Almost too annoying to stand.


Christina said...

I told you so. I knew you would like it.

Elissa said...

I loved it, definitely one of my favorite L.M.M. books. Also, I like the Emily books better than the Anne series (but I love those too. It's just strange because most people like Anne better, but I'm kind of odd that way. I always like the ugly sad heroes better than the lively handsome ones and Sense and Sensibility is my favorite Austen. See what I mean?).

RED said...

I like Emily better too, I think. I can't quite say S&S is my favourite Austen, because I really love Emma. But it might be my second favourite.