Thursday, August 28, 2008


by Veronica Bennett

Grade: Unfinished
Read: To page 40

Mostly I found the characters uninteresting. I was hoping I'd love them, and it would induce me to read Frankenstein, but it didn't.


by Maureen Johnson

Grade: Good

Except for a bit of almost anti-Catholicism (I hated the Jane-trying-out-for-seminary bit), it's mostly good, and quite engaging. I almost really liked Owen. His description was pretty cool, at least:

"He had slightly shaggy light red hair and a very finely featured face, with a tiny nose and thin peaked eyebrows."

Easily read and interesting enough characters--I even liked Allison a bit. I'm not sure if I want to read more of Maureen Johnson, however.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Unknown Ajax

by Georgette Heyer

Grade: Unfinished
Read: To page 114, plus some other stuff.

It was almost fact, I'm not sure why I stopped. (Hahaha!! I just began the last one the same way. Not going to change it now though. You're stuck with bad writing skills, whoever's reading this.) Maybe because the brother Richmond didn't turn out as interesting as I thought. Another brother and sister pair would have been perfect!!!
But I actually kind of liked Anthea, she might be one of my favourite heorines. And Hugo was interesting too. It was so promising...sniff...

Here's a cool quote:
"'Sequestration!' suddenly and triumphantly exclaimed Mrs. Darracott. 'That was the word! I thought very likely it would come back to me, for very often things do, and sometimes, which always seems extraordianry to me, in the middle of the night.'"

That is just like me. It always happens to me. But I've never seen it described before.


by Lilli Thal

Grade: Good

Almost wonderful. Almost "To Own". Almost one of my favourite characters ever. But not quite.
It was Mimus that made this so great. I loooved Mimus. He was so sad... Florin was a bit boring, but Mimus made Jesters romantic and cool and something that now enters my list of noticeable things. Alix was almost a bit interesting, but then she wasn't.

Castle in the Air

by Diana Wynne Jones

Grade: Good

The soldier was cool. I liked him better old though, I think. The Princess Beatrice part is one of the reasons why I love Diana Wynne Jones. I also liked the part with Princess Valeria. And the part in the closet with Fower-in-the-Night and Abdullah. Reminded me of Pirates of Penzance.

"'I DIDN'T find you unattractive!' bawled Abdullah. Then he remembered the sixty-eight ears beyond the curtain..."

The only criticism would be the bit of all-over-the-place-ness (how would you say that? "Looseness"?) which is common in her books.