Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Angels and Demons

by Peter Kreeft

Grade: Good

My favourite of his is still definitely Three Philosophies of Life. This one was good, but slim, and didn't give me a lot of information I didn't already have. I suppose because there isn't much information out there. And I know Kreeft isn't another Lewis, but I was kind of hoping for something that would be as inspiring about angels as Perelandra was. (Although Kreeft did quote Perelandra! Good for him!)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Anubis Gates

by Tim Powers

Grade: Unfinished
Read: To page 10.

Meh. It was all -- adult and hard to read and complicated and the characters didn't grab me. That makes me sound like I can't read anything that's hard to read--but I can, really! Hilaire Belloc is one of my favourite authors, and even my two most literate friends (BPL and MH) found him hard to read!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Before I Fall

by Lauren Oliver

Grade: All right
Story: Sam dies, and she's forced to live the same day over and over. A bit like "Groundhog Day" except better, and in highschool.

BOY am I glad I didn't have to go through highschool. It sounded utterly horrible. I guess that was partly the point. Anyway, this is a book I almost put down in the first chapter, and maybe I should have. I don't know. It was so very much immersed in the culture that popular highschool students have. But it was gripping, and I wasn't feeling well, and I wanted to know if Sam got any less insufferable. And she does.

Oh, and the love interest! I actually liked him! That was cool. I think it was because he was obviously not the superior handsome boy that so many heroines fall in love with. He was sweet and a bit geeky. (And he wore a cool hat!)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When Rose Wakes

by Christopher Golden

Grade: Unfinished
Read: To page 48.

There was an obvious and cute love interest! I'm sorry! And the story line wasn't quite engaging enough to pull me in despite that.

Ah well. I didn't have terribly high hopes anyway.