Monday, August 15, 2011


by Kate Cann

Grade: All right
Story: Rayne is overwhelmingly claustrophobic with her current life in London, so she deserts her boyfriend and mother and runs off to a job in the country. There she meets handsome boys and annoying girls and strange fire people and everything is pretty creepy.

Review: So I read this one quickly enough, but there was something missing for me. Partly it was ...


... her infatuation with St. John. It seemed perfectly obvious to me from the start that he was a totally jerk. But it seemed to take her forever. So I had to read on and on about how hot he was, etc., when I knew she would be taking it all back in a few chapters.


It may also have just been partly that nothing much seemed to happen. I don't know. Maybe it's my mood. Other book reviewers seemed to really enjoy it. (Actually, upon further investigation, bookshelvesofdoom seems to be the only one who reviewed it. But still, she's one of the best.)

But you know, besides the fact that I didn't LOVE it, there were some good points. Rayne was a good heroine, there was lots of nice creepy stuff (but not really overtly creepy, so still good for people who don't like creepy much), and I liked the fire dancer people and the descriptions of the forest.

OH! And WHY is it called "Possessed"? I guess because St. John is kind of possessed by that super duper evil guy? It doesn't seem at all obvious to me, though.

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