Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Bad Catholic's Guide to the Seven Deadly Sins

by John Zmirak

Grade: To Own

Review: Awesome, awesome! I highly recommend this book to any Catholic, or non-Catholic interested in Catholicism. Except maybe those with high sensibilities, who might be offended at some of his humour. Because his humour is hilarious, but not necessarily reverent in the sense  someone who was somewhat puritan might think reverence means. It most definitely is reverent in a real sense (imho)--in other words, he always gives proper deference and respect to God and everything holy, and not very much respect at all to things that think they are holy but are not at all.

But humour is not actually the most important part of this book. I know I always hate it when reviews say this, but I think it's actually true in this case: he brings these ideas to a modern audience. Much in the way that I think C. S. Lewis does, except even more modern. Yet he does this while still quoting St. Thomas and Chesterton and Augustine and lots of C. S. Lewis, and all sorts of old Catholic greats. (Yes, I know Lewis isn't actually Catholic.) And now I must go through the whole book and write down all the books he recommends, because he seems to have marvellously good taste.

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