Monday, May 9, 2011

Song of the Sparrow

by Lisa Ann Sandell

Grade: Unfinished
Read: Bits of all of it, but not enough to say that I've actually read it.

So...why did I get a book about Elaine? I knew I didn't like her much, and I like the love-of-her-life Sir Lancelot even less.

(Now, SPOILERS! But it turns out that she falls for Sir Tristan at the end of this one. I like Sir Tristan well enough, but I found this slightly weird.)

Plus--it's in verse! I'm not a huge poetry reader anyway, but the poetry I do like is either rambunctious and exhilarating, like Chesterton and Belloc, or strange and subtle, like Eliot and that whatever-his-name-was Da Todi guy that B. P. L. showed me recently. And not ... this.

So I decided I must have got it from the library anyway in the faint, faint hope that Sir Gawain and his family would be mentioned in a semi-positive manner. And they were! Well, semi-positive. Still not exactly bright, but it's better than their portrayal in many a Arthurian retelling.

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