Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guardian of the Dead

by Karen Healey

Grade: Good
Story: Ellie Spencer discovers that the world is a much weirder and more dangerous place than she thought. Plus there are demons and gods and earthquakes and Romance.

Well, I think I'm over my all-too-short loving-almost-every-Romance-I-read-about stage. Because I didn't care for this one too much. Nothing against it particularly, which is why I think it's all my fault. Well, except there was the fact that Mark was described as so terribly attractive all the time. Yes, actually, now that I think of it, I'm almost sure that's the reason why I didn't care for the Romance. Which means I didn't find the end particularly bittersweet, like I think it was supposed to be. (And it was a good ending, I think. It's the best way I can think of for it to end.)

Also, I didn't love the mythology. There was that element of relative truth which I never enjoy reading. I suppose the mythology itself was pretty cool, and I wouldn't mind reading more about Maori mythology.

That is the one thing I did like. The Maori stuff, the New Zealand culture--not many YA fantasy books I know of are set in New Zealand. And I also liked Kevin. Except that he was hardly in it, and really, apart from his BIG SECRET (which was kind of cool), he was really mostly just a nice guy.
Ok, now make it three things I liked--because I loved Ellie. She was awesome. I loved that she was on the large side (Although some of that could be her imagination of herself--I'm realizing how many girls really think that they are fat when they're NOT AT ALL. But I don't think it is. She's sensible enough to not get too freaked out about her size.), that she was a martial artist, and her whole blunt personality. She was one of those feisty, yet somehow very original, and thus not annoying, heroines.

So why is it "Good" instead of "All right"? I'm not really sure, actually. I guess because I read it quickly--except I didn't really. It took me about four days. So I guess it was mostly Ellie. She was cool. That's it.

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