Sunday, January 4, 2015


by Peter Kreeft

Thoughts: This is a slight volume, all about how Christ, when truly encountered, inspires shock (whether positive or negative). And if he doesn't, it's because you're not looking at Him fully. Initially, it made me pause, and think about my own relationship with Him, which is the point of this book, I think. But after that, it didn't do as much for me.

I feel a bit bad criticizing something which has such an important and really, if you think about it, little-heard message. Kreeft is definitely right about how important it is. But it was all a bit ... poetical ... for my taste, after the initial reminder and self-examination. I tend to be more enthused and impassioned by abstract philosophy or concrete instruction than by poetry or turns of phrases.

However, I did get a book recommendation out of it! I'm always looking for those. It was The Divine Milieu by Pierre de Chardin, and sounded very interesting.

Grade: 3 1/2 stars, with the extra 1/2 star for the importance of the message and content

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