Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cast in Shadow

by Michelle Sagara

Story summary: Kaylin is the equivalent of a police woman in a fantasy city filled with interesting other races. Something from her troubled past comes back to haunt her, the strange marks on her arms start changing, and she has to team up with a man she hates and a man who's a dragon, to discover who's murdering children in the lawless city of her childhood.

Thoughts: A fun, interesting world with several intriguing aspects--including Dragons! Now that I've read Silence and Touch, I can see that Michelle Sagara has quite a distinct writing style. Reading reviews, it's obvious that some people find it fairly annoying; but in the end, although I find it somewhat distracting at times, I rather enjoy it. It can be a bit confusing, though. She doesn't explain a lot.

But it certainly looks like a promising series. There are a few too many eligible men hanging around for my taste (and not quite enough female friendship) but the romance seems like the really slow burn type, and I'm keeping an open mind about it for the present. I might end up quite liking it. Meanwhile, the diverse races and interesting politics can keep me going for a while, I think.

Grade: 3 stars

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