Friday, August 3, 2012


by Michael Grant

Grade: 3 1/2 stars
Story: More death. More darkness. More fear. More mysterious happenings. Rather like a mix between The Lord of the Flies, LOST, and The Hunger Games. Basically, see the rest of this series: Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague, and Light.

Thoughts: This review contains slight spoilers for the rest of the books.

--Astrid's loss of faith still bugs me, because it's treated as if it's so reasonable, when really it is so emotional.

--Edilio is now the only practicing Catholic left. Turns out he's gay, which is cool, but he might also be acting on his inclination, which is not as cool. If he's a practicing Catholic.

--Sanjit is still cool, but he wasn't in this book much.

--I'm liking Caine more and more. I dearly hope he's on the side of Good by the end.

--Diana. Wow. Fascinating to see where her development will go... I really like her--she's just below Sanjit and Edilio on the list of my favourite characters now, and tied with Caine--and her current situation is, obviously, extremely worrying.

--Penny. Is. Terrifying. What happened to Cigar...whew. Drake isn't quite as terrifying as he used to be now, due to the fact that he's outclassed by Penny. The giaphage...well, it's obviously scary, but the new developments it's gone through... well, we'll see where it goes, I guess.

Light, Light, Light!!! Whyyyyyyyy must it be so long til you are released?

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