Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Posse of Princesses

by Sherwood Smith

Grade: 5 stars
Story: Rhis, a princess of a small, mountainous country, dreams of adventure and romance. So when she is invited to the grand, multi-day homecoming party of Prince Lios (of a neighbouring country), to which all the young princes and princesses of the area are invited also, she is obviously quite excited.

Thoughts: Well that was warm and fun and lovely and I loved it. It reminded me of Year of the Griffin by Diana Wynne Jones, with lots of different characters from all sorts of fictional cultures, not exactly any villains, and lots of matching up of people in the end. Plus lots of fun and adventure.

P.S. Apparently the ebook version, which I read, has an extra chapter or something? And there are less typos? I'm not sure, but just to warn anybody who might read it.


Star said...

Hey, this sounds like Sarah's type of book. Do you think she'd like it??

RED said...

Yeah, I definitely do. It's not at our library, though. She could either buy a version somewhere, get one from the Greater Victoria Public Library, or borrow my Kindle. As I mentioned, the ebook version DOES have an extra chapter, apparently. She could read it book version first, and then borrow my Kindle for the last chapter?
Anyway, whatever she wants. :)

Star said...

Ok maybe she'll buy it off ebay or something! thanks :)