Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Son of Neptune

by Rick Riordan

Grade: To Own
Story: Percy Jackson has lost his memory, and somehow found his way to Camp Jupiter. Then there's Romans,  quests, awesome displays of water power, Death, the Canadian Forces, and lots and lots of deadly diamonds.

See the first book in the series: The Lost Hero, as well as the next in the series: The Mark of Athena. Also there's the whole "Percy Jackson & the Olympians" series which comes before this series.

Review: The new demigod characters were pretty cool, though I think Percy, Jason, and Nico are still my favourites. The Roman side of things was awesome (I love Romans), and I hope the exact relationship between the Greek and Roman side of things is explored fully in future books.

Thanatos was an awesome Death. I still don't know whether Hades or Nico could be added to my list of favourite Deaths, because technically they're only in charge of Death, not Death itself. But I like them well enough to add them, if they DO count. Do they count??

P.S. See Top Ten (Or So): Fictional Canadians.

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