Monday, April 25, 2011

Among the Ghosts

by Amber Benson

Grade: All right
Story: Noleen meets some ghosts, and they start to disappear, and that's bad.

Well, that was a bit surreal. Firstly, I got this book from the library SOLELY based on its cover, which is by the AWESOME Jason Chan (who also did my copies of The Girl Who Could Fly and The Kneebone Boy). I don't usually do that. And I almost never pick up random books which I haven't checked out on book review sites yet. But I did this time. And THEN I turned to the back and read the author bio, and it turned out to be the girl who played Tara on Buffy!!!!! (I miss you Tara! You were awesome!) Anyway, apparently she's one talented lady. As well as acting and writing novels, she's also directed, produced, and written scripts.

The book itself was pretty good, but definitely for younger peoples. A bit too young for me, I think. And sometimes it felt a bit disjointed. Benson also has a book called Death's Daughter which I want to check out. I suspect a novel for older people might not feel so disjointed.

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