Friday, September 25, 2015


by Kelly Creagh

Story summary: After the devastating events at the end of the second book, Isobel falls into depression and fear. And it doesn't help that the dream world that her love Varen is stuck in is bleeding into the real world and Isobel is loosing the ability to tell the difference. Or that the demon Lilith is doing everything she can to ensnare Varen and destroy Isobel.
Sequel to Nevermore and Enshadowed.

Why You Will Like This Book:
  • Lyrically written and atmospheric.
  • Lots about Edgar Allen Poe. If you are a fan of Poe, this is the series for you.
  • I really enjoy the romance in this series, partly because so much of the focus is on Isobel's bravery and determination for the sake of Varen, and partly because... I dunno, I actually find a romance romantic* for once.

And Why You Might Not:
  • A lot of it takes place in a dream world. As a result, coherent plot takes second place to atmosphere in many ways. (This could be a bonus, I suppose, depending on your preferences.)
  • There is still not quite enough Isobel and Varen interactions for me. Their romance is actually one of my favourite parts of this series, and I wanted more.

Thoughts: Although I did really enjoy this, it didn't grip me like the first two did. I think a lot of it really was my mood at the time (after all, although I loved the second book, the first time I tried reading it I stopped part way through). But part of it was that I was hoping for a bit of a different focus in this one. The first two books had fairly distinct feelings associated with them, with the first book focused on the romance between Varen and Isobel, and the second on Isobel and her determination to save Varen. I wanted the third book to be either distinct yet again, or hearken back to the first book, adding some structure to the series. Instead it seemed a bit too much of a less-structured continuation of the second book: similar dreamy atmosphere and lack of much Isobel/Varen interaction.

I'm really not sure, though, if this is a legitimate criticism. I was particularly busy and frazzled when I read it, and I didn't have the energy to properly absorb a book like this, which rewards more contemplative reading. And although I forget much of it by this point, I remember that there were many beautiful parts and many romantic parts. And I suppose if there were a distinct focus of the third book, it might be Varen's self-loathing, which gave some character development and lovely angsty scenes to a character who had been pretty mysterious till now.
In other words, it was, in the end, a good finish to a great, Poe-filled series, despite being not quite what I hoped for.

Grade: 3 stars

*As opposed to sweet, cute, awesome, etc.--many of the other adjectives that usually suit the romances I like. This one is none of these.

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