Monday, December 15, 2014

Blood of My Blood

by Barry Lyga

Story summary: The third in the trilogy, following up from I Hunt Killers and Game, this book sees Jazz finally confronting his serial killer father, as well as the darkness that is growing inside himself.

Thoughts: Starts with Jazz laying bleeding and dying in a locked room, his best friend also bleeding and dying (and a hemophiliac), and his girlfriend captured by his evil, serial killer father, which means imminent bleeding and dying. So that's a good start. And then there's many a bloody twist and turn from there.

1/2 a star off from the grade for the first two, simply because I hardly remember what happened. Which must say something about a book, right? Although really, it probably says more about my memory and the personal things I've been going through this year. It was still greatly enjoyable, though. And I remember a few things that were interesting. Definitely a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.

Also, a really pretty cover, no? I love the covers for this series--grey and red makes an awesome combination. (Still like the second one's cover the best, though.)

Grade: 3 stars

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