Sunday, October 27, 2013


by Michael Grant

Grade: 3 stars
Story summary: Endgame. The kids have gone through hell and survived pretty much the worst life could throw at them. And now the monster from the cave has taken human form and its greatest foe is slowly fading away. Also, for the first time, the outside world can see everything (hint: this is not a good thing).
Sequel to Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague, and Fear.

Thoughts: Generally a great finish to a dark, intense, and really good series--although not quite as amazing as I had been hoping.
I'll give a couple not-too-spoilery thoughts about the characters here.

--Diana and Caine! Diana and Caine! I looooved their story and final outcome. My favourite thing about this whole book.
--The Breeze! I think this was my favourite book for her. Can't talk about it too much, cause spoilers. But she definitely grew on me. I found her kind of annoying in the first few books.
--Little disappointed that Lana and Sanjit didn't get a bit more screen time. They got a fair bit (well, Lana did), but they're both among my favourite characters, so what they did get wasn't enough.

And now some a couple SPOILERY notes about the final plot.

--I'm pretty sure there were several significant questions that weren't answered, which is one of the main reasons why I thought it was less of a spectacular finish than it could have been. The one that bothers me most is what happened to the kids after they died or vanished. Wasn't there this whole thing about it seeming like a bright comforting light, but then it was actually a monster? I can't remember anymore, but I remember it being a big thing when Mary committed suicide. And then there was this other part in another book where the barrier vanished for a moment, and they saw all the kids that had vanished? I can't remember anymore...but I'm sure there were unanswered questions in that area (among others).

--I was thankful that the end wasn't all fluffy happiness. Something like this is going to have seriously bad repercussions in the lives of the survivors.

--The last page made me happy. Can't argue with that.

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