Wednesday, September 18, 2013


by S. J. Kincaid

Grade: 3 1/2 stars
Story summary: Sequel to Insignia. Kids with computer enhancements in their brains train to fight in virtual wars. Also there's awesomely geeky geeks and star-crossed romance.

Thoughts: More computery goodness, more plot, more other things. But because this is my blog, I'm going to skip all that stuff and just comment on the characters.

Wyatt is simply the best. Genius programmer, socially awkward (really socially awkward, not the pretend kind you see sometimes), and often rather hilarious (usually accidentally). I love her enormously, and she is perhaps my favourite thing about these books.

Medusa. Love her too. Very unusual for a romantic interest, and is one of the primary reasons why I actually like the central romance. It reminded me a bit of Anna Dressed in Blood, actually. Main boy falls for brilliant, dangerous girl on the wrong side of the fight, who has a serious physical issue. Main boy doesn't fall for main girl who is his sidekick, and who would be his love interest in most books and movies. Medusa would be just as awesome without the romance, obviously. She's just not seen much outside of it, and it was different enough that I wanted to comment.

Yuri and Vik were great too--Yuri especially (I rather wished Vik had gotten a little more screentime). But the awesomeness is dominated by the girls, imho.

(Oh, and since I haven't mentioned him yet, perhaps I should say that Tom is good too? It can be harder for me to become attached to the main male character, so perhaps that's why I find myself not quite as fond of him as of the rest of the gang.)

Basically, it was loads of fun, and I'm greatly looking forward to the next one.

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