Saturday, January 5, 2013


by Alethea Kontis

Grade: 2 1/2 or 3 stars
Story summary: Basically every single fairy tale you can think of mashed up into one story. Behind it all is the story of a girl named Sunday and her eccentric, magical family.

Thoughts: Rather a strange book. I must admit, I was never really sure what the heck was going on a lot of the time. And even by the end, I hadn't really figured everything out. What exactly was going on with the prince's cousin Velius? Is Sorrow evil or just mixed up or what? Why did all that weird stuff happen to the king again? I heard that Alethea Kontis wrote this for NaNoWriMo, or some other challenge of some sort, which was perhaps why she did the checking off of fairy tales thing.

There was a somewhat sweet romance, which was unusual in the fact that after the first few pages it was mostly settled and lacking tension. But that actually made it much more bearable for me (who tends to get rather annoyed at romances in books).

The characters were all really great though, especially the central family. I kind of wished it could have spent more time on them and less time on all the random fairy tale references. I could have used a whole other book just on Sunday's older sister Thursday, who ran off to marry the Pirate King. Saturday deserves her own adventure as well, we know next to nothing about Peter, and what was Monday's story exactly?


Johnna said...

You are the first reviewer I've seen mention that you were confused by this book. I was confused, too, and I was beginning to worry I was just crazy! A lot of it did have to do with the random fairy tale references. They seemed to be thrown in for fun, but they disrupted the plot.

Overall, however, I agree it was a creative story and had a really cute romance, so I liked it!

Also, I just saw that there will be a companion book about Saturday called Hero!

RED said...

Oh, cool! Thanks for telling me about Hero! I hadn't heard about it yet, and maybe because it is the second book it will be slightly less full of random references. And I loved Saturday, so I'll definitely read it when it comes out.