Thursday, February 2, 2012

King of Ithaka

by Tracy Barrett

Grade: Unfinished
Read: To page 31 (Chapter 4).

I don't think I was really fair to this book. I didn't give it a chance to prove itself. It started off good enough, but then I read through a bit of the end. I know I shouldn't, but sometimes if I'm worried about a book, I want to make sure reading it won't all be for nothing.

SPOILERS from here on out.

And in this case, I was worried about Odysseus and his marriage to Penelope. I always like Odysseus. Of all the Greek heroes, he was my favourite, I think. And I like marriage. I like marriage that stays together particularly. And in this case, what I read of the end seemed to indicate that Odysseus was rather a jerk, and he left his wife alone on Ithaka to go have adventures, or something.
Anyway, I didn't like it, so I stopped.


Practicing Mammal said...

You did it! Yeah! This could change your life...

RED said...'s just slightly terrifying.