Saturday, January 21, 2012

Aliens on Vacation

by Clete Barrett Smith

Grade: 2 stars
Story: David, aka "Scrub", is banished to his grandmother's home for the summer vacation, where things are much stranger than he could have imagined.

Review: This one came hugely recommended by a certain book review blog, but unfortunately I didn't like it quite as much as they did. I'm having a hard time figuring out what makes a book "too young" for me. I often really love children's books, usually even better than adult books and sometimes better than young adult books. I'm thinking of books like Ellen Potter's The Kneebone Boy or Diana Wynne Jones's books for younger kids. But then there are books like this which are good enough, I suppose, but hold no particular interest for me. I don't know the difference yet. I'll figure it out one day I guess.

On the other hand, this book did have this description, which I've never heard described before, in books or real life. But it suits me exactly (substituting "no smile" with "small smile").
"I never know where to look when passing someone on the street. Seems weird to look straight ahead and avoid eye contact. But then again, you don't want to stare at someone and weird them out, either. I sort of looked down, and when they got close I lifted my head and tried the head-nod-with-raised-eyebrows combo, no smile, with some quick eye contact. I've seen other guys do that."

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