Monday, December 13, 2010


by Robin McKinley

Grade: Good
Story: Princess Sylviianel is bound to her pegasus, Ebon, and they can talk to each other. Surprise! Magicians of the country don't like it.

THE COVER IS PERFECT. I may have never seen such a perfectly lovely and suitable cover. It captures the tone of the book exactly right (and is, as I've mentionted gorgeous).

The book itself was lovely and beautiful, although there were a few problems I had with it:

--The ending. It was terribly sad and somewhat inconclusive. Actually, the inconclusiveness wasn't too bad. Sometimes I like endings like that. This one wasn't perfect, though.

--How much better the pegasi were than the humans. I mean, they were supposed to be, and it wasn't that bad. Just, I get a bit tired of humans being the worse ones. One reason why I like Doctor Who so much. There's this huge love of humanity for the humans. This book reminded me slightly of Pocahontas sometimes. (Notice the "slightly" and the "sometimes". Those words really mean "teeny, tiny bit" and "once or twice".)

--I would have liked to get to know some of the characters better. The two central characters were fairly fleshed out, but I still thought the strength of this book was in the atmosphere and world than in the characters. (Although Ebon was prettty great, I must admit.)

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