Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Knot in the Grain and Other Stories

by Robin McKinley

Grade: All right

Not my favourite selection of Robin McKinley.

"The Healer": Good enough, I guess. Not much to say about this one.

"The Stagman": Perhaps my least favourite. In the end, the woman leaves her wife and children for a half-stag man.

"Touk's House": Didn't do anything particularly for me.

"Buttercups": My favourite. The image of the buttercups was cool, and I liked the unusual love story.

"A Knot in the Grain": Good enough. I didn't quite get what happened at the end. Probably because I wasn't really bothering to pay attention. However, it was good. I did like it. So I shouldn't be too crabby.

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