Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Safe-Keeper's Secret

by Sharon Shinn

Grade: All right

The romance was strange in this one. I have no problem with cousins marrying--in fact, often I like it (see Rose in Bloom, etc.). But in this case... even at the end, Reed said, "I wish you weren't my sister." So he obviously still saw her as his sister the whole time. Yeah, it's weird.

Besides that, it was pretty good. I think it would have been far better in Robin McKinley's hands. It should have been longer, with maybe a bit more about some of the secondary characters.

But I've heard the others in this series are better. I'll definitely pick them up.

Oh, and I had a thought. We have actual safe-keepers in reality, in the form of priests hearing confessions. Priests of course have the power to tell those secrets, but they never ever do, and safe-keepers might be able to do that too (it was a little vague on that).

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