Thursday, April 8, 2010

Across the Wall

by Garth Nix

Grade: Good

Aw, Nick and Lirael, so Romantic!
No, actually, truthfully, I enjoyed it. That is unusual. But the reason why is that Nicholas Sayer was a secondary character in the novels, and also a sort of side-kick to the main hero. At least at first... until he become the evil bad guy... except he didn't really, because it was simply the evil bad guy possessing him.
Yeah, I liked him, and his name, and his picture on the front of the book. So the Romantic stuff was all nice and interesting.
And then there were the other stories, from the rather creepy "Endings", to the somewhat dull "Hope Chest", to the amazingly funny "Down to the Scum Quarter" and the strange Arthurian stories--all about Merlin, both of them.
Yeah, I like Garth Nix.

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