Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gullstruck Island

by Frances Hardinge

Grade: Good (To Own)

Wow. I should never doubt Frances Hardinge again. I almost gave this book back. Bad me, horrible me.
Every book is so utterly different. And the characters...gracious, but they were vivid and original and totally themselves. I liked Jimboly for being one of the creepiest people ever (NOTE: And female. Hardinge has good female characters that don't need to be all "feminist" in order to be interesting.), Hathin for being the most amazing and different lead character ever, Dance for being huge, Camber for being so like Hathin in so many ways except for the important one, Prox for being confused and faceless and having nice eyes, Arilou for being Lost and strange and not the heroine, Larsh for being utterly surprising, and the Superior for being sweet and funny and marrying his housekeeper.

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