Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Second Siege

by Henry H. Neff

Grade: Good

The similarities to Harry Potter were WAY lessened this time. Firstly, the relationship between David and Max almost has Max in the position of side-kick. Secondly he's the son of the fairy king!!! (Or something like that.) Thirdly...well, there's too many other things. I don't want to mention them all. Just know that it's different now.

It's also a bit confusing. It tends to jump around a bit. For a long time, they were just running and hiding, and hiding and running, and then BANG, stuff happened, they were in Faerie, "Max, I am your father", ages of physical training (perhaps years!), and it all goes by in a flash. Oh, and then a quick meeting with the evil-wicked-demon bad guy, but it's not significant, because now we have to go to a couple weeks of sitting around and recouperating.
And the part where he defeats Level seemed like he was having a fight with someone, and then he got so mad, that he stormed off and worked at this test thingy. Not exactly a typical reaction...It really confused me.

Actually, I really liked it, though it might not seem like it. It was a bit jumpy, but I liked it that way. It had a nasty cliff hanger, and the library doesn't have the next one!

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