Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Last Olympian

by Rick Riordan

Grade: Good

Didn't quite expect the Last Olympian to be who he/she was. Otherwise not too many surprises.
I loved Nico, as always, and it was great seeing even more of the gods than usual. Hades and Hermes especially.
I'm greatly looking forward to the next Olympian series. There are some cool changes in the way Olympus works now. Should be interesting.
And of course, it was hilarious.

I liked the opening line, always important:
"The end of the world started when a pegasus landed on the hood of my car."

Pg. 188: "I turned toward his army. It was now roughly one hundred and ninety-nine to one. I did the natural thing. I charged them."

Pg. 267, Dionysius is playing a video game:
"He glared at me and momentarily forgot his game. Pac-Man got eaten by the red ghost dude.
'Erre es korakas, Blinky!' Dionysus cursed. 'I will have your soul!'
'Um, he's a video game character,' I said.
'That's no excuse!'"

Pg. 353: "'And the minor gods,' I said. [...] 'Their children shouldn't be ignored. Calypso and the other peaceful Titan-kind should be pardoned too. And Hades--'
'Are you calling me a minor god?' Hades bellowed."

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